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Love Touch Heal Relationship System

Love Touch Heal Relationship System




Many people are longing to meet just the right person.


The Good News: You don’t have to keep searching and spending money

while feeling discouraged, lonely and needy for love.

The Bad News: The answers you are looking for cannot be found in books,

seminars, courses or even extended therapy.

The Good News: The answers can only be found right within yourself.

Other people act as your mirror, helping you to gain access to your own

thoughts, feelings, attitudes, emotions and beliefs.

Hi, I’m Dr. Erica Goodstone, LMHC, LMFT, Relationship Healer, Sex Therapist, Love Mentor, Consultant and Coach. I help men and women just like you to finally let go of the past and develop lasting strategies and skills for a lifetime of love – whether or not you are currently involved in an intimate relationship.

Together we empower YOU with the understanding and personal tools to finally overcome some old beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve you. We help you uncover and release whatever has been blocking you from creating loving relationships.

Through my work with thousands of individuals and couples, with concerns and issues probably very similar to yours, I have discovered the fastest path to letting go and letting love enter your life. The secret lies in knowing and facing what is True for You about love, about passion, about relationships and about your life’s purpose. Self knowledge is self empowerment, learning how to unconditionally love yourself first. Then it becomes easy to choose people you can naturally love and accept, appreciate and enjoy for all the ways that they contribute to your life and you are able to contribute to theirs.

The Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me Relationship System reminds you about who your are, your own unique intelligence,attractiveness, sensual appeal, and creative expression. You reconnect with the love inside for yourself and for others. The books and videos and audios guide you to reflect upon your life as it is now, as it has been in the past, and how it will be in the future – because you are creating your future. You will create a new and unbreakable love map, to guide your love journey for the rest of your life.


  •  Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me EBook Series (Sells for  $100+)

  •  Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me Videos (Sells for $97)

  • Healing Through Love Audios (Originally $197)


Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me Videos & EBooks

In this Video and EBook Series you will finally learn how to create passionate, lasting and fulfilling love.
  • Love Me … Please

Are YOU Ready for Love? Love is a Gift and Your Love is Precious. Do You Share Your Love Openly and Freely?

  • Touch Me … Please

Your Body Believes You. Do YOU Listen to its Truth. Do You Touch Yourself with Love and Let Yourself Receive Loving Touch?

  • Heal Me Please

Healing Happens in Every Moment. Have YOU Allowed Yourself to Heal? Does Your Suffering Lead to Living Your Passion?

  • Sexual and Spiritual Reawakening

Are YOU Ready for Sexual Healing? Have You Taken the Healing Journey Inward? Is Your Spirit Longing to Reawaken?

Healing Your Relationship To Your Self Audio
Heal Relationship to Self

Heal Relationship to Self

Do you think the success of your relationships is caused by your choice of partners, the way the other person looks and behaves or how that person treats you? What does Healing Your Relationship to Your Self have to do with Healing through Love – Everything. It is impossible to love anyone else if you do not first love yourself. You can’t accept and truly love others until you have felt and allowed your own emotions, your own hurt, resentment, disappointment, joy and anger, even rage. You can’t forgive another until you are able to forgive yourself.

Healing Your Relationship to Others Audio

Heal Your Relationship to Others

Do you know what you want and what will truly make you happy in your relationships? Are you aware of the thoughts and attitudes, sensations and emotions that are stopping or blocking you from being and having what you want? Believing is receiving. Conflicting beliefs and those you don’t even know you have can and will interfere with your ability to create and sustain the love you desire.

Healing Your Relationship to Your Past Audio

Heal Your Relationship to Your Past

Do you know how your past emotional wounds and prior relationships are affecting your current life situations? Who do you need to forgive, who would you like to ask if they would forgive you? And are you ready to forgive your own self for all the ways you fall short of your own expectations?


Healing Your Relationship to Your Future Audio

Heal Your Relationship to Your Future

Your future lies right there out in front of you, a blank slate of time, space and energy, ready to be filled with whatever YOU create to fill that time, space and energy junction. What do you want to see, have, do and become in your future? The future is every single moment beyond this moment right now. As soon as the moment is here, it is already moving into your past. Don’t look back. Keep your eyes, your energy, your heart and your soul focused forward.


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  • How do I overcome my belief that there is nobody out there for me?  Read and re-read and re-read again the very first chapter, The Gift of Love, in the first book Love Me … Please.  And you will discover, uncover and finally reveal to the world the gift of love that you are.  It’s only a matter of time until the right partner finds you.
  • How do I know if my partner still cares when there has been so much anger, rejection, hurt and deception between us?  The past is over.  Put it to rest and go forward from here.  Read Chapter 2, Be Who You Are: The Greatest Gift of All, and let yourself become more and more who you really are.  As you do that, you let your partner more freely be his or her self – and then both of you will feel so much more loved.
  • One of us had an affair and the other is still reeling from the pain and shock and disillusionment.  How do I bridge the gap and bring us both back to love?  That is a perfect question which is answered in Chapter 3, The Delicate Dance of Love.  Learn to dance with your partner, literally and metaphorically.
  • You’re afraid your partner is attracted to others and may leave you or you’re afraid that you cannot be satisfied with your current partner.  Do not fret and worry and over think the situation.  Feel your feelings.  Pay attention to what your body is telling you.  Read Chapter 1, Your Body Believes You,  in the second book, Touch Me … Please.
  • Do you know the real reasons couples split up, the main reason men leave women and the true reason women leave men?  It may not be what you currently believe.  Read Chapter 2, It’s a Sensational World, in the second book.  The answer is right there in the midst of discovering, accessing and revealing your own sensuality.
  • Has your partner left you and you are feeling alone and unloved?  Discover the powerful, healing and revealing world of touching and being touched. Read Chapter 3, Touching Matters, in the second book. Don’t have a partner to touch?  Don’t get upset and worry.  There are many wonderful touch therapy practitioners to help you heal that inner longing to be touched and seen.
  • Does it seem as if your relationship is permanently over and your future looks dim?  Relax and read the 1st chapter, Heal Me…Please,  in the 3rd book by the same name, Heal Me…Please. You can and will heal and find love again.
  • Do you wish you could start over, change and release what has already happened, and feel wonderful again?  You  can!  Read the 2nd chapter, Let All Your Senses Speak…As You Heal, in the 2nd book.
  • Are you or your partner suffering from some deep seated emotional wounds, trauma, sexual abuse, emotional suppression, or fear of intimacy?  The solution is revealed in Chapter 3, Touching Stories, in the 3rd book.
  • Have you discovered some strange habits in your partner’s sexual style or perhaps in your own?  It is time for you to read the 1st chapter, Ordinary People, Ordinary Yet Extraordinary Sex, in the 4th book, Sexual and Spiritual Reawakening.
  • Wait a minute, maybe you are one of the thousands who have a pretty solid, loving relationship by yourself or with a partner.  But one of you or neither of you has been interested in sexual intimacy for a long time. Now is the time to read Chapter 2, Sexual Reawakening in 10 Simple Steps,  in the 4th book.
  • And finally, you may be ready for a deep and intimate connection, not only with a loving partner but with your own spiritual self and the God of your beliefs.  Read the 3rd chapter, Sexual and Spiritual Reawakening…At Last! in the 4th book.
  • Listen to the audios, watch the videoss,  read these books, one by one, take the time to complete the exercises alone or with a partner, and I guarantee you will have the most loving, romantic and exciting relationship you ever imagined possible, created by you, right in front of your own eyes.
  • And you have access to Dr. Erica directly for a distant coaching or in-person counseling session at any time.
  • And a whole lot more…

The thought processes, exercises, techniques, principles, advice, stories, research and information provided for you in this Complete Relationship System WILL transform your relationships.

This System WILL Work If YOU Do.


“Dr. Erica offers a comprehensive system for reflecting upon and healing all of your relationships, especially the relationship with yourself.  Her proprietary processes are used by experts globally.  Dr.Erica’s ‘Healing Through Love’ seminar series and her private coaching sessions can literally transform your relationships as her hundreds of clients can testify.  There are few peers that can equal her excellence!” ”
Glenn Dietzel, Author, International Speaker, Business Coach

“We have known Erica for over a year now….When we think of pure love and how we can use this in our relationship with ourselves and with others, Erica is the first person that comes to mind.  Her wisdom inspires use. Her blog that is dedicated to the topic of love is insightful motivational and a great avenue for uplifting our spirits.  She is an inspiration to many, and we are very grateful that she is our friend.”
Pat and Lorna Shanks, The Coolest Couple
“Dr Erica Goodstone has developed a comprehensive “Complete Relationship System” on “Healing Through Love”. It begins with an interview from David Riklan, founder of that introduces the system. Then Dr. Erica moves forward to guide through a process to heal your relationship with yourself, with others, with your past and with your future.  She provides process and structure that can be used to personalize the process for you. She brings a wealth of knowledge and information focusing on the mind, body and spirit that includes activities and questions that really do help you to get the most out of this experience.  She can help you to heal your relationship with yourself and move forward to create a wonderful, loving relationship. The audios, combined with the books and the live sessions really do make up “The Complete Relationship System”.”
Kelley Chappell, PhD, Author of Happy in Love: A Woman's Guide to Love, Attraction, Dating and Relationships
“I have known of Dr. Erica’s work as a relationship healing expert for quite a while now through her blog ‘’.  During this time I have been extremely impressed by the combination of warmth, knowledge and compassion which Dr. Erica brings to each of the topics she discusses.  Her warm style is one of guiding rather than telling, input from her blog readers and mentees is highly encouraged and everyone who takes the time to join in the discussion is met with a warm welcome and wise words.  For anyone who is looking for a highly experienced, sensitive, intuitive and ‘warm’ mentor, I would highly recommend Dr. Erica’s ‘Healing Through Love’ mentoring program.”
Mandy Swift, Online Marketing Strategist, Trainer & Coach
“Erica – thank you so much for your wonderful program. Erica’s program takes us on a journey to healing. In a very clear, concise and organized manner we are able to take the plunge and see the endless possibilities life has to offer – if only we are willing to do a little reflection and soul work. I love the way Erica gently intertwines and places emphasis on the important ‘mind-body-experience’ connection as she easily explains its effects on our past, our present and the potential of our future. The foundation of this work (in my opinion) lies upon many strategic and thought provoking questions that urge and impel the listener to see life in a brand new light, with the knowledge that they have the power to be better, to heal and to love.”
Deborah Angiolina, Former Attorney and Founder of The Way 2 Happiness
“Dr. Erica and I have collaborated ongoingly on several projects.  She has proven to be a most reliable and intuitive partner.  We will continue to work together.  If you are dealing with relationship or love issues, Dr. Erica is THE person to contact.  You will sense her caring and professionalism immediately”
Rick Lelchuk, Transformational Business Coach, Certified Passion Test Facilitator
“Wow Dr. Erica, I didn’t try to guess the 3 causes of relationship problems. Instead, I listened to your interview with Rebecca Anne and you are the bomb!  [Listen Here]Your background is extraordinary. Thanks for sharing the three causes of relationship problems. I’m not going to give anyone the answers. They need to listen to the interview! I was surprised and amazed by the answers! I really wish I had known this before I pursued my past relationships. If I had followed these guidelines, I am sure I would have been more successful in my relationships. I loved your candid, profound, in-depth answers. Simply awesome! I am currently doing the number one answer you described in the audio. I just moved from one state to another. I’m starting all over in many ways, and after listening to the interview I AM ON THE RIGHT TRACK! I can relate completely to what you talked about. This is very inspirational. Thank you so much. Congratulations on your chapter in the book, Adventures in Manifesting and I am very interested in your relationship system.”
Raena Lynn, Internet Marketing Entrepreneur
“Dear Dr. Erica,  Your Healing Through Love Seminar Series via Audios was absolutely amazing! It truly “brought home” that we are all LOVABLE and capable of LOVING. Once we totally accept ourselves, we will be able to value ourselves. We must also remember to accept our partner exactly as he/she is. In other words, it is important to embrace both negative and positive behaviors of our “LOVED” one as we share our feelings from our hearts. In addition, we must get in touch with our feelings of courage. If we can feel and demonstrate our courage, we can ultimately help both ourselves, and the other person close to us, to experience good health, happiness, and LOVE.  These audios are filled with incredibly large amounts of information. I feel I have learned so much from your Audio Healing Through Love Seminar Series, and today feel so much gratitude and LOVE towards you. I highly recommend this Love Seminar Series to all.  Thank you Dr. Erica!
Doris Warshay, LMHC, Certified Rubenfeld Synergist, Gestalt Therapist
“HUGE Shout out to Dr. Erica Goodstone!  In one session of Synergy work, she was able to break a very deep seated limiting belief, from the day I was given UP for adoption.  I picked up the baby this time and took her home with me!  No more fear.  No more pain.  No more resentment.  NO MORE!!! I love you Dr. Erica.”
Kimberly West




  • To take action now to create the intimate loving relationship you claim to want?
  • To let ME guide you through the steps and lead you toward creating lasting love?
  • To heal through love, reawaken your sexuality, sensuality and spiritual essence?


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I am so confident that you will change your attitude about your relationships and finally have the tools you need to create lasting, passionate and fulfilling  love that I am willing to back it up with a full 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

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“Isn’t This What I’ve Been Waiting For?”


Dr. Erica